Oscars 2018: Why Call Me By Your Name Should Win the Best Picture

The “Call Me By Your Name”  a movie directed by Luca Guadagnino and written by James Ivory is one of the most spectacular films ever to have been produced based on romance. The movie based on the 2007 novel of the same name by André Aciman is a coming of age love story about two lovers that are in a gay relationship. Elio is an American-Italian boy who is Jewish and lives in the Italian countryside with his parents. Oliver, an American graduate who also happens to be Jewish, is invited over to Elio’s home for academic work. At first, Elio does not seem to like the idea of giving up his bedroom to a total stranger, but the situation changes after some time. The two boys grow fond of each other and what seems to be genuine friendship develops into something more than just what two friends can share. Why Call Me By Your Name Should Win the Best Picture for Oscar 2018.

Sensuality and Passion

One brilliant fact about this film is its sensuality. The chemistry and dynamism that the two lovers share are aspects that make the film incredibly sensual which is just what an audience needs. Unlike other romantic movies, Call Me by Your name is not really about the personalities of the two characters but the power that they show when they are in each other’s presence. In conjunction to that, the music the type of music used in the film brings out the kind of warmness that comes with passionate romance. The sensual feeling keeps escalating with every scene, and that may just be what makes the audience stay glued to the scenes until the end.


Movies that depict gay relationships rare cause an effect on viewers. One reason is that such films never bring out the feeling of intense romance that happens between opposite-sex lovers. On the other hand, Call Me by Your Name has stolen the attention of many just by the emotion it arises on its viewers. Most people that are in straight relationships never bother watching gay relations movies, but when Luca Guadagnino’s piece was released, the circumstances were different. The film makes one believe that true love happens regardless of gender. Who would have thought that the film would capture the attention of viewers who are not gay? The viewers’ reaction to the movie points out that the piece is one of a kind. Call Me by Your Name is not just a fiction story but a film that has the power to change the view of society regarding love and gay relationships.


Luca’s movie does not conceal acts that would apparently be hidden in other romantic films. Frankly, most films do limit the view of sensitive, intimate scenes that have the capability of showing the passion between two lovers. Luca’s piece, on the other hand, does not conceal such scenes. For instance, Elio ejaculates in a peach and Oliver tries to take a bite out of it. Such views would be avoided in many romance movies, but Guadagnino shows us true intense physical and emotional intimacy. Call Me by Your Name is a masterpiece that leaves memories in your mind long after the movie is over because it makes one thinks intensively about his or her sexuality.


The only contradiction that appears in this film is that the two lovers are Jewish yet they do not hesitate to engage in gay love. Jews are Christians, and Christians have certain beliefs concerning romance. Christians believe that romantic relationships are strictly meant for opposite-sex partners. Luca’s film does not reveal any conflict that resulted from the relationship between the two lovers. Elio and Oliver did not even think about their religion before getting involved with each other romantically.

Apart from the above contradiction, all the elements in the romantic film have nicely been portrayed. Call Me by Your name is a comparison between cinema and fine art. The film is just on its level judging by the way several themes and aspects are brought out effortlessly. The movie deserves to be awarded the 2018 best picture for Oscar.

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