The Blind Side – The True Story an All American football player

Directed by John Lee Hancock and featuring the Oscars award winning actress Sandra Bullock, the movie was criticized upon release by film critics but loved by many film lovers. Inspired by the Michael Lewis’s book, the plot features Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy, Tim Mcgraw as Sean Tuohy, Quinton Aaron as Michael Oher, and Kathy Bates as Miss Sue as the main characters. It’s centered on the American football game which we all love. Despite the mixed reception of this movie, there is much to like and get inspired by the plot.

New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers in the NFL Super Bowl is the true story of striving for football dream of the 2009 film The Blind Side, starring Sandra Bullock.

Let us get factual now; this is a story about a 17-year-old, shy, homeless and talented offensive lineman by the name Michael. He is juggling life in between different foster homes. He gets enrolled in Wingate Christian School where the coach is impressed with his athleticism albeit poor academic records. Michael becomes cordial with Sean Jr whose mother is Leigh Tuohy who a strong character is doing interior design and wife to Sean Tuohy. Michael gets noticed by the wealthy family and finally moves in with Sean’s family.

The plot focuses mainly on the relationship between Michael and Leigh as she tries to unlock his potential. The left tackle position of an NFL team is the blind side for right-handed quarterbacks. Leigh in the process of helping Michael to overcome his fears gets criticized by her friends. Leigh notices Michael’s hesitance to use his athleticism while playing football. She encourages him to use his protective instincts to protect his quarterbacks. She finally manages to adopt him, and Michael attends the same institution Sean attended and becomes a star attraction. The accusations towards Sean family are unduly influencing Michael because of his potential talent.

With a PG-13 rating, the film contains violence and drugs scenes which may be hard for some viewers to stomach. Though one might assume the movie is about football, but the theme centered around hard on making difficult life choices hence the name ‘blind side.’ Leigh charismatic sassy character helped unleash Michael’s potential. The director focuses on the importance of a good education.

Some criticism is that the African-American male depicted as unable to overcome poverty till his adoption by white parents as well as the use of vulgar language. Some of Leigh’s friends ask her if she is helping Michael because of white guilt syndrome and if she is aware of the dangers, a ‘black’ boy poses to her white daughter. As much as this is hard to swallow, it correctly captures the real-life conversations around racism.

The positive is that the movie is a Christian inspiration showing the value of family, friendship, and importance of unwanted children. Michael manages to overcome obstacles in his life to go and get drafted in the NFL. It’s clear from the above the movie The Blind Side (film 2009) juggles between the kindnesses of Christian charity versus the White-American affluence and racism.

In conclusion, the movie does a great job of marrying a sports story with real life happenings. The film centers on an individual effort to finding families in your teammates. The film based on a true real-life story which the audience is made aware of at the end. The Director portrays the positive impact one can have on other people’s lives. The plot captures issues affecting families, race, and class in a scintillating manner. Oscars winning Sandra Bullock did a perfect job which reflects in the awards and nomination charts. The movie was nominated for 12 Oscar awards, winning 9. Michael’s role in a game is to protect the blind side of a quarterback in a game which the film role portrays. The movie is a creative craft that is a must see.

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